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General overview of the service:

FGM or Female Genital Mutilation (Cutting) is a practice that is still prevalent in many parts of the world. The practice, which involves the mutilation and fibulation (sowing) of the external vaginal structures results in fibulation scars that reduce the size of the vaginal entrance to sometimes a fifth of its natural size. Due to scaring, this suture forms a permanent structure that stands as an obstruction to the vaginal orifice. During natural or vaginal child birth, the reduced entrance of the vagina may act as an obstruction that prevents the baby from passing through. In either instance, defibulation for FGM is indicated.

How the service is done:

Vaginal defibulation is a procedure carried out to restore the vaginal opening to its previous form and function before the FGM procedure was carried out. The procedure involves the cutting of the scared area to the natural upper limit of the vaginal opening. This ensures the vaginal opening returns to its former form and the patient is able to also engage in sexual relations with less prejudice or self-awareness (embarrassment). The procedure is also required prior to a natural vaginal child birth.

When you come in for the procedure, the following steps will be taken:

  • Dr. Friedman will discuss with you at length what the procedure entails. You will be examined to determine the extent of the scaring.

  • The procedure will be carried out under mild sedation and local anesthesia, eliminating the risks associated with general anesthesia. During which time the natural anatomy can potentially be restored to its original form.

  • Dr. Friedman has published a paper in The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery describing in detail the methods used to create the feminine structure, restoring pride and self-confidence.

  • The restorative procedure has shown to erase or reduce the post-traumatic stress of this ancient culture embedded in our ever evolving world

Are there any side-effects:

As with any procedure, there are potential side effects including bleeding, infection, and soreness that can last roughly one week. The procedure can restore female attributes to the vagina, yet is important to note, structures such as the labia, hymen or clitoris that may have been compromised from the original ritual may not be restored in their entirety.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

After the procedure, Dr. Friedman will instruct you in how to care for surgical restoration. Also, you will have to abstain from intercourse for a period of time and maintain high levels of hygiene to prevent any infections. Normalcy may not always mean you will get back the exact same form and sensation you had before FGM, but the outlook tends to be brighter after the defibulation procedure.

Contact our office:

To find out more about our Defibulation for FGM service, visit Dr. Friedman’s office locations at 7545 E Angus Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and 903 N. Beeline Highway, Suite A, Payson, Arizona 85541, or book an appointment by calling 480-664-0125 today.

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