Our Services - Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

General overview of the mastopexy procedure:

Owing to the physical formation of the breast or the change in appearance over time that comes with age, many women will experience sagging breasts. As the skin loses its elasticity, the breasts tend to elongate and lose their more youthful form. Considered an unsightly and less-than-satisfactory appearance, many women will try and remedy this using push-up bras and other clothing accessories. However, these only work to a certain extent. If the sagging is extensive, there may be little else to do but consider a surgical intervention to correct this. The procedure sought out for this purpose is known as a breast lift or mastopexy procedure.

How the service is done:

A mastopexy raises and firms the breasts by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue to reshape and support the breast. The mastopexy or breast lift operation can be performed in a variety of ways and usually takes one and a half to three and a half hours.

The most common procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision following the natural contour of the breast. The incision outlines the area from which breast skin will be removed and defines the new location for the nipple. When the excess skin has been removed, the nipple and areola are moved to the higher position. The skin surrounding the areola is then brought down and together to reshape the breast. Stitches are usually located around the areola, in a vertical line extending downwards from the nipple area, and along the lower crease of the breast.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

Following your surgery, your breasts will be bruised, swollen and sore for one to two weeks. You’ll need to wear a surgical bra for the first week after surgery, followed by a support bra for several weeks after that. Post-surgical swelling will resolve over time and incision lines will fade. The stitches will be removed after a week or two. Dr. Friedman and his staff will fully discuss the risks and benefits of the procedure, as well as provide you with all the proper post-operative care instructions.

Contact our office:

To find out more about our Breast Lift (Mastoplexy) service, visit Dr. Friedman’s office locations at 7545 E Angus Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and 903 N. Beeline Highway, Suite A, Payson, Arizona 85541, or book an appointment by calling 480-664-0125 today.


Mastopexy Donut Lift and Lolli-Pop Lift Front View
Mastopexy Donut Lift and Lolli-Pop Lift
Mastopexy Donut Lift and Lolli-Pop Lift Side View