Hearing Loss

The loss on one’s hearing can be rather troublesome. For many, hearing loss leads to many difficulties, at times even depression and a sense of isolation from the world. Hearing loss comes hinders daily life; phone conversations, communicating in a crowded restaurant, inability to hear the television unless at maximum volume.

Two types of hearing loss – Conductive and Sensorineural

The conductive hearing pathway begins at the ear auricle, serving as a funnel to the ear canal which directs sound to the tympanic membrane or ear drum. The ear drum connects to the ear ossicles, tiny bones that relay sound to the oval window where the sensorineural component of the hearing system begins. Any occlusion or blockage in the system will affect one’s conductive hearing component. Ear wax, outer or middle ear infections, a ruptured ear drum or abnormalities of the boney ossicles all are all common examples.

The sensorineural hearing pathway is a complex system made up of numerous structures, the cochlea and cochlear nerve to name a few. It sends sound stimuli to the brain where it is interpreted accordingly. Presbycusis, or age related hearing loss, is one of the most common types of all sensorineural hearing loss. Tumors, or any mass impinging on the neural pathway can also lead to sensorineural hearing loss.

If one suspects a decline in their hearing, often there is hesitancy to seek medical evaluation because they are resistant to wearing a hearing aid. However, there are numerous causes for hearing loss and often a hearing aid is not even needed!

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Hearing Loss