Our Services - Abdominoplasty

General overview of the service:

For many people, achieving a flat, well-toned tummy can be nearly impossible without surgical intervention. If you struggle with excess skin, weakened or protruding abdominal muscles, and stubborn fat that can’t be resolved by diet and exercise, then an abdominoplasty or ‘tummy tuck’ may be the solution for you. This procedure flattens your abdomen by removing extra fat and skin, and tightening muscles in your abdominal wall. However, this is a major surgery, so if you’re considering it, please take the time to thoroughly analyze your own situation, and do not rush to make a final decision.

How the service is done:

Abdominoplasty is cosmetic or reconstructive surgery which removes excess skin and fat that may accumulate after pregnancy or from obesity or age. In most cases, it will restore weakened or separated muscles and change the shape and tone of the abdomen to create a firmer and smoother profile.

There are two types of abdominoplasty, including:

  • Full abdominoplasty – which removes excess skin and tightens underlying muscles across the whole abdominal area, including around the navel.
  • Partial abdominoplasty – which removes excess skin below the navel and tightens the lower abdominal muscles only.

The operation is usually performed under general anesthetic. The length of the operation will depend on the extent of the surgery, but it could take up to five hours.

Follow-up treatments or next steps:

Whether you’re having a partial or complete tummy tuck, your incision site will be stitched and bandaged. You may have to wear an elastic bandage or compression garment after surgery. Dr. Friedman and his staff will give you specific and detailed instructions that are important to follow after your procedure. You may need to take up to one month off work after the surgery to ensure proper recovery, but Dr. Friedman will help you determine this based on your personal situation.

Contact our office:

To find out more about our Abdominoplasty service, visit Dr. Friedman’s office locations at 7545 E Angus Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85251 and 903 N. Beeline Highway, Suite A, Payson, Arizona 85541, or book an appointment by calling 480-664-0125 today.